Asset Portfolio Management

Radically simplified portfolio management for renewable energy and energy transition funds.

Investing in sustainability and clean energy projects is critical but difficult.

As an asset manager, it’s easy to get bogged down in reporting and firefighting issues.

Having worked as portfolio managers ourselves we understand the challenges of ever-increasing complexity and reporting demands which can hinder growth.

We built Sennen to help you to deliver the infrastructure of the future.

Grow your portfolio not your headcount

Forget spreadsheets and monthly reports, Sennen makes it easy to gather together all portfolio information in one central location and allows you to do so across unlimited geographies, technologies, funds, joint ventures, and currencies. Sennen is intuitive and easy to use so that different teams and service-providers can access it directly to upload or self-serve information. Freeing you up to focus on adding value to your portfolio.

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Sennen Asset Portfolio Management Modules



Simple, intuitive contract management

Specialised for renewables and storage.


Portfolio Reporting

Financial and operational metrics

Market leading asset reporting at the click of a button.


Qualitative and quantitive information

Specialised for sustainability reporting.


Acquisition Pipeline

Simplify and speed up your new deals

Deal sourcing, binding offers to due diligence and execution.


Downtime Analysis

Deep insights into lost production

Detailed event information to understand the real causes of turbine downtime.

How can Sennen help?


Relieve the burden of manual, repetitive data collection and reporting.


Provide market leading sustainability and performance data at the click of a button.


Act before it’s too late. Get instant visibility of the highest priority issues as they arise and reminders of key commercial milestones.


Anticipate. Receive forecast end-of-year performance for any portfolio fund or subsection.

onshore wind farm grey clouds

Sennen’s cloud platform is trusted by market leaders to manage $30bn of diverse energy assets including 20GW of solar, wind, biogas, batteries, peaking plant, waste-to-energy, and other environmental infrastructure projects.

The flow of information in the company has improved massively right from the bottom to the top with the Sennen platform in place.”

~ Pablo Herrada, Technical Portfolio Manager at Foresight

If you want to spend less time in spreadsheets and more time making improvements

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Expert Spotlight

Gaby Amiel

Co-Founder and CEO

With over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Gaby has a deep insight into how technology can truly transform the renewable energy sector.

Sennen team | Gaby Amiel

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