Drive sustainability across your infrastructure assets.

Access to quality data is the central challenge of the drive towards better ESG.

Driven by the introduction of SFDR, many investment funds are seeking to dramatically improve their processes to measure and improve the sustainability of their investment portfolios. Renewable energy funds are typically ‘deep green’ funds (article 9 SFDR) and must provide information on the sustainability-related impact of their portfolio assets.



Sennen’s ESG module is specifically designed to facilitate reporting on renewable, power storage and energy transition projects. In practice this means measuring the project benefits versus fossil fuel power, demonstrating good governance as well as environmental and social benefits.


As Sennen we understand how to do this, what information is needed and where it typically comes from. We remove the friction and improve the flow of data from your assets. Giving you access to hassle free sustainability data across 100s of diverse projects.



Collect qualitative records on your ESG initiatives such as community projects, biodiversity enhancements etc so you can show evidence of work done.


Auto-generate environmental impact measures for accurate and traceable data. e.g. Co2 offset vs brown power, homes powered, NOx avoided.


A single comprehensive reporting process and automated calculations saves 100s of hours of work and reduces the burden on site managers.


Improve standards across the whole portfolio. Engaging with the local community, preserving and enhancing wildlife and sharing economic benefits.


Output information instantly to excel, pdf, Power BI or Tableau for easy sustainability report generation.

Tailored and integrated

Sennen helps you spend less time in spreadsheets and more time making improvements.

Discover how our Sustainability module can be tailored to your business requirements.

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Sennen’s system is extremely agile, giving us much greater flexibility and control. We now have everything at our fingertips and we can leverage the information in myriad ways.

Andrew Higgins, chief technology officer at Foresight Group