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The growth in offshore wind has been phenomenal around the globe over the past few years, most notably around the shores of the UK which is where our offshore wind software has been developed and deployed.

Through years of working in the operational phase of offshore wind farms, it became clear that a large amount of valuable data can easily be gathered during the construction phase.  Our powerful set to work module has been adapted for construction specific needs, including; transport timelines, differing work planning needs from person, location and vessel perspectives.  The solution is flexible depending on the level of detail required and can be shaped according to the needs of individual teams. Our offshore wind farm construction software not only provides the project team with a vital tool to efficiently manage the build from start to finish, but it also provides reassurances to the wider organisation regarding its live progress. On top of this, the construction tool can seamlessly transition into the operational phase ensuring all data and key learnings are not lost through the transition to the O&M team.

Sennen simplifies construction of Ørsted New York wind farm with new digital system

Sennen simplifies construction of Ørsted New York wind farm with new digital system

“By using Sennen’s technology on one of our live construction projects, we get a valuable, early opportunity to further improve our construction activities – reducing cost and risk.”

David Bould, Head of UK and IE Ventures and Open Innovation, Ørsted

Ørsted Case Study

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Offshore Wind Construction Phase Modules


Work Management

An effective tool for managing tasks and projects.


Efficient task management by providing an overview of all the tasks due across the construction site. No integrations needed.



Plan and keep track of all your vessels, their certifications, authorisations and communication data.


Have all transport categorised by type and view and export all planned and live vessel movements on a timeline.


Visual, real-time access to metocean forecasts and actual readings, so you can make accurate judgements on current and future working conditions.


We provide live data for decision making based on changing conditions allowing you to compare live and forecast to make the best planning decisions.


Marine Coordination

Real-time vessel and personnel tracking on a marine map, with rich data integrations and extensive functionality.


With our software you can identify where people are and what they can do, coordinate emergency responses, control exclusion zones and breaches…


Set to Work

A powerful and flexible work management tool, developed to solve the day-to-day challenges of constructing an offshore wind farm.


Simplify and streamline your permit to work process and easily identify Sim Ops for appropriate implementation. With our software you can manage your own and contractor work and share work scopes with all stakeholders.



Putting safety first


A complete workflow of cases for easy management of incidents and events. Have visibility over a database of incidents alongside functionality covering reporting, handling and resolution for HSE KPIs.

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