Our product for infrastructure assets

Change the way you manage your clean energy portfolio so you can work safer, smarter and more efficiently

Renewable energy investment is highly competitive

As a portfolio grows, often too much time is spent compiling reliable asset info, answering endless questions and report requests. The data that is available is basic at best, and inaccurate at worst.

Sennen collects, organises and validates a wide range of data into a centralised database for you to consult, manage and share through live dashboards. Crucially, it allows you to interrogate complex data, giving much greater insight into what’s happening and maximise asset value.

See the big picture

To compete, it takes a lean operation that can maximise asset value.

Return on investment

How do you know if your software is delivering value or sitting idle? Sennen enables you to set your data targets and measure progress. Sennen automatically validates information so you can trust it is correct.


Streamline your team so you can grow your assets without increasing your headcount.


Sennen processes data to save you time and reveal insights that will help your team take timely actions to protect and enhance the value of your assets.


Use Sennen to increase visibility and demand more performance from external contractors be it O&M or third-party Asset Managers.

Asset history

Would you buy a car without a service history? Through the lifecycle of each asset, there are hundreds of proactive and reactive moments requiring intervention, from maintenance renewing bond security, annual stats inspections and extending insurance, to optimisations.

All your data in one place

No more chaos

No more chaos

Combine data from multiple sources in one place so you don’t need to rely on dozens of PDFs and spreadsheets. When you save time collecting and checking the data, you can spend more time connecting the dots.

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Realtime performance

Realtime performance

See how much energy you’re producing, see the live status of your assets, get detailed weather information and much more so you can have full understanding of all your assets in one place.

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Beyond data analysis

Sennen is not just a database. It is an intelligent and intuitive system tailored to your exact needs. Sennen is complete asset management for renewables.


Multiple fund ownership structures

We know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We’ve thought ahead and can accommodate the many ownership permutations.


Multiple combinations of contractors

With Sennen, you can build project structures to account for each individual scenario.


All Revenue Streams

FiT, ROCs and PPA revenues across your portfolio? No problem, we’ve got you covered.


Asset management in-house or outsourced

We understand the reasons for taking asset management in house or teaming up with third parties. Sennen is designed to cope with either or both as your portfolio evolves.


Full scope or limited O&M service

Run your projects your way. Our flexible platform can be tailored to your individual needs, giving you full control over your contractor relationship.


Debt facilities

With our industry experience, we understand the complexities of project finance and the information obligations it brings.

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Simple, intuitive contract management.

Specialised for renewables and storage.


Portfolio Reporting

Financial and operational metrics.

Market leading asset reporting at the click of a button.



Qualitative and quantitive information.

Specialised for sustainability reporting.


Acquisition Pipeline

Simplify and speed up your new deals.

Deal sourcing, binding offers to due diligence and execution.

Designed around you

We care deeply about creating a system that your team will love using. Sennen deployment begins with a collaborative process, designing a configuration that meets your business requirements. We will share our own industry best practices, combine this with your needs and create the schema to propel you forward.


How do we scale up?

We found the best way to embed Sennen is to start simple and give immediate value to users. Once familiarity is established you can progressively increase the amount of data and features that the system will hold.


Can it be rolled out onto existing environments?

Yes. Sennen can add value throughout the project lifecycle. Sennen can be part of the first design brief or equally brought into fully operational systems. Typically, clients will have a mixture of operating and construction phase projects and we are well versed in getting to grips with these complexities


Bespoke Development

If you have a vision for a feature that doesn’t fit with our existing module list, we can build a bespoke dashboards(s) and bring it seamlessly through into your system only.


Intellectual property

Sennen owns all the IP in its system and all our clients benefit from regular updates and new features. However, should you wish to add processes that are uniquely yours we would be pleased to agree a different approach.

Integrate the tools you already use

We designed Sennen to be both flexible and extendable. Our approach is ground up, giving you what you need to make informed decisions. Your existing system may cover some of your needs. Our preference is to work with you and integrate rather than replace something that is fit for purpose.




Irradiation / Wind speed data


Accounting platform


Power prices


File Storage system


Live Meter data

Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time making improvements

Get a full walkthrough with one of our team and discuss how we can tailor our product to your needs

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Sennen has become invaluable for the management of all our projects and contracts without us having to increase our headcount.

Killian Gavaghan – Asset Manager at Arevon