Downtime Analysis

Deep insights into lost production resulting from turbine downtime.

With Sennen, you can enrich, refine and enhance the raw data used to create datasets.

Unlike other downtime analysis tools heavily reliant on algorithms and excessive cross referencing with different systems, Sennen puts people first. Operators can draw on the knowledge of their entire team to enhance their understanding of the causes of turbine downtime.

Sennen’s intuitive user interface

Easily organises downtime events, allowing operators to view, investigate and enrich event stops for swift decision making.

  • Be in control
    Our technology interfaces seamlessly with your existing cloud data platforms which gives you much greater control over data compared to traditional databases.
  • Accelerate decision-making
    Quickly and accurately understand losses from turbine downtime for improved and informed decisions.
  • Optimise at scale
    Created especially for large wind farm portfolios, our Downtime Analysis tool is the ideal solution for high volume databases.
  • Customisable 
    View your downtime analysis dashboards the way that works best for you.
  • Clear by design
    Our dashboard organises and displays downtime data in a coherent manner, as well as provide useful functionalities for efficient task completions. 

Our software aims to empower operators to be able to quickly and accurately understand losses caused by individual defects, site incidents and other operational issues. This means they can save time and cut unnecessary production losses resulting from component failure, poor reaction times or maintenance shutdowns.

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Downtime Analyisis Product

Currently available for:

Offshore Wind

Wherever your offshore wind farm is located, you can benefit from our Downtime Analysis tool to help your teams get to the root cause of any lost production.

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Onshore Wind

All the insights into lost production for all your teams covering your entire onshore wind portfolio.

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Under Development

Sennen team | Rafael Dawid (PhD, CEng)
Expert Spotlight

Rafael Dawid (PhD, CEng)

Offshore Development Lead

Rafael is an expert in using data-led decision-making in renewables operations and maintenance. As a keen coder, Rafael has experience in both front and back-end development.

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