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We have worked on offshore sites for years and we felt like we were spinning many plates for a long time. We see there’s a better way to work.

Keeping on top of contractor output and vessel utilisation is challenging and time-consuming. Deadlines get missed, service standards can slip and inadequate reporting make operations difficult and hamper progress. We believe offshore asset management doesn’t need to be this way. Sennen integrates with contractors’ systems to centralise data and our clients typically see 50 per cent reduction in planning time.

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Good data improves operational efficiency


Successful planning

Planning offshore activities involves complex logistics. Each vessel allocation and personnel movement must be tightly controlled and meet stringent procedures and requirements. With Sennen, you can plan faster and better with fewer errors.


Informed decisions

Strategic decisions to procure and allocate services and equipment must be based on sound data. The information needed includes work plans, control room records, SCADA, and metocean conditions. Sennen data means better decision-making and more effective operations and maintenance.

Contractors love it

We have created an interface for contractors to undertake their work plans and report directly through Sennen. Whether it is scheduled service, repair actions, performance KPIs or incident reports, it’s all there in one place.



And so do our customers

It’s easy to see when deadlines or milestones have been missed. The live data function gives valuable offshore asset management insights so you can demand improved performance from your partners if necessary and recognise their achievements. 


Plan efficiently

Maximise your resources by revising and reissuing plans seamlessly in response to new information. Sennen automatically validates each plan against your chosen criteria. 


Manage hazard alerts

Easily create and manage restricted zones for safety. Ensure personnel are alerted to and acknowledge hazards. The Sennen report and close process provides a live HSE audit.


Say goodbye to over-booking

Within the intuitive Sennen platform, auto-validation means mistakes are highlighted early and contractor time is not wasted. The process takes less manpower, making the team leaner.


No chasing up qualifications

All technicians must have appropriate and up-to-date qualifications before they can be assigned to a task. Sennen can be configured to generate contact specific measures using live data.

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