Our Offshore Operations Product

While each offshore wind farm is unique, the industry has many shared challenges. The goal is to maximise the use of valuable technicians and vessels while ensuring safe working.

Don’t just settle for marine coordination software

Take advantage of a single centralised system for work optimisation, marine control, performance monitoring, and asset integrity management.

See the big picture

Be proactive with your responsibilities for the safety and efficiency of your project


Generate positive returns with your wind farm asset management through efficiency without compromising contractor safety and project integrity. 

Boost Revenue

Make unnecessary downtime a thing of the past. Ensure every vessel, turbine and person is working to the benefit of your operation.


Sennen helps you operate safely at scale. We automate the control of technicians and hazards so you are on top of compliance no matter how big the operation.


Do you really know if your contractors are performing? Sennen offers increased visibility and control over your external contractors, both turbine operations and maintenance and third party.

Detailed history

With wind farm asset management, it’s not always about the now. With Sennen, not only do you have a full digitised record of all events and interventions, you can even wind back to view site status and conditions to the point of decision making.

Putting your contractors centre stage

Be in control

Be in control

You can keep track of your contractors from their schedule, to their location and even their KPIs to make sure that the right people are in the right place when they need to be.

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Built to your needs

Built to your needs

A Sennen system is customised to meet your needs so you control the experience.

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Sennen features

Contractors love Sennen because it makes their day easier, cuts down on admin and avoids last-minute changes. For project operators, Sennen lets you coordinate with contractors long before they come to site.


Live schedule

Plan ahead and be agile as external factors impact your project. Re-plan, redistribute resources and maintain project momentum.


Safe working

Ensure that all technicians are deployed with the correct qualifications and experience. Transfer and re-take control within the same application.


Effective transfers

Access real-time data on site conditions, plant output and work status so your team can make informed decisions with no delay. Control your fleet easily through our live vessel manifest.


Measure and improve

Keep on track. Set your own KPIs to ensure visibility and closely monitor your operation’s performance. 


Marine coordination

Know where all your vessels and personnel are in real time, with live site views incorporating data sources such as AIS, SCADA and GIS, over Electronic Navigation Charts, with our Marine Coordination module.


Risk insight

Master risk on an enterprise level. With Sennen, risk management is integrated, not separate, from daily activity. Be it technical, commercial, or safety, you can track and mitigate risks easily.


Forecast and plan

Access visual, real-time access to metocean forecasts and actual readings, so you can make accurate judgements on future working conditions with our Metocean module.

Reduce health and safety incidents

Contractor safety cannot be compromised. Our HSE module enables operators to work at scale with complex and fluctuating contractor relationships, avoid getting bogged down in endless spreadsheets and instead deliver clear and accurate HSE information to all relevant parties.


Log incidents and issues

Create and maintain a clear HSE record for all incident reporting and safety issues. Facilitate direct and anonymous reporting from third parties. Track leading/lagging indicators.


Alerts and zones

Ensure hazards are alerted to all relevant parties. Record and log their acknowledgement and response. Set multiple fixed and dynamic zones around your vessels and site to keep people safe.


Follow up process

Stay on top of safety by clearly mapping out your own response and follow up process. Check whether your mitigations are being applied and proving effective.


Smart safety

Sennen is packed with automated safety features. It will generate restrictions to unchecked equipment and spot expired qualifications, giving you peace of mind.

Built for you

 We care deeply about giving users a system that is empowering and easy to use.


We populate the data

Getting data onboard can seem like a big task. We take that worry away, whether it’s bulk uploads or ongoing data imports.


We train everyone

We will train your marine coordinators, admin users, engineers, work planners, management and even in-house software coders.


We keep building on it

Talk to us about new dashboards or functionality your team needs. Our system development cycle is fast and we want your input.

Integrate with your existing tools

Data is useless until you put it all together. We designed Sennen to be both flexible and extendable. We will integrate and synchronise your information and make it accessible by your whole team.




Maintenance works






Plant and site


Vessel (AIS) and aircraft (ADS-B)

Offshore wind case studies

Delivering a global operations system for EDF Renewables

EDF Renewables has selected Sennen to deliver a software system that will improve the operational efficiency and safety of its global offshore wind projects.

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London Array is ship shape with Sennen

The sheer size and make-up of the London Array wind farm brings significant challenges. They work with a large number of contractors and managing the relationships effectively and safely is mission critical.

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Delivering a sophisticated portfolio system for Foresight

Sennen is working closely with Foresight to create a system that gives valuable insights on the performance of the company’s renewable energy and clean infrastructure investments.

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