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Delivering a sophisticated portfolio system for Foresight

Who is Foresight?

Foresight Group manages around £4.5 billion of assets, including more than 240 clean energy projects. These consist of onshore and offshore wind and solar farms, biogas facilities and battery storage in several countries. The company aims to invest in a way that supports sustainable economic and social development.

The need for a more sophisticated system

Foresight identified a need for a more sophisticated, automated system that allowed them to see more clearly how assets are performing, identify inefficiencies and automate portfolio administration. The goal was to migrate to a specialised yet highly flexible platform that would allow them to harvest data and turn it into powerful insights. The system needed to be accessible across the organisation and even be accessed by external contractors.

Our portfolio management team needed a more sophisticated approach that will allow them to see data from our growing portfolio of renewable energy projects in a more intuitive and insightful way.”

Ricardo Piñeiro, partner at Foresight

Why Sennen?

This project is of strategic importance to Foresight so selecting the right partner was critical. Sennen demonstrated technical expertise and industry knowledge and passion for technology. Sennen’s partnership approach has also been an important part of the process. The team has embedded itself within Foresight’s operations over an extended period of time to understand and interrogate what was needed.

“Sennen have swifty provided a critical missing piece in our data systems. The sector expertise and responsiveness of the Sennen team proved to be a game-changing combination.”

Hamid Didebhan, Associate Director – Data Architect at Foresight

The result

Through Sennen’s system, Foresight can control and manage all their data in a way that is visible, accessible and transparent. The Foresight team can now interpret information in an intuitive and insightful way so they can make informed decisions and derive value from it.

Looking ahead

Sennen takes an agile approach to product development and this lays the foundation for a long term partnership that can evolve as Foresight’s requirements develop.

“Sennen’s system is extremely agile, giving us much greater flexibility and control. We now have everything at our fingertips and we can leverage the information in myriad ways.

It was important to find a partner that has not only sector knowledge and technical expertise, but also the right cultural fit, and Sennen ticked all the boxes.”

Andrew Higgins, chief technology officer at Foresight Group

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