Sennen Infrastructure product roadmap for 2022

22nd March 2022

The following modules are on the infrastructure product roadmap for the Sennen system in 2022.

Sennen Core System

We are always innovating and improving our core system as the technology platform that powers any Sennen deployment. Multiple updates are planned on the infrastructure product roadmap for 2022, some of which are highlighted below.


Our clients are increasingly required to collect, manage and report on ESG metrics across their infrastructure portfolio assets in a way that is efficient and readily accessible for query and reporting purposes.

To facilitate this, we will be making a number of updates. These will enable the automated calculation of metrics such as emissions data. Alongside this, the updates will facilitate the collection of rich contextual information about compliance activity, such as, audit, environmental enhancements and community projects.

Our vision is to delivery an overview sustainability dashboard that will provide instant visibility of the most important metrics for our clients’ teams.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management module will be updated and will take account of all key risks across a diversified project portfolio. Each site has specific characteristics in terms of its technology and location, which afford a different risk profile.

Portfolio managers need to be able to see aggregated risk scores and quickly drill down to more detail in order to take effective action. Sennen enables dynamic risk control, by setting baseline impacts following PEAR principles (People, Environment, Asset, Reputation) and a probability.

Mitigations, aggravations and new information are all appended to the baseline risk, giving a forecast, as well as historic risk profile.

The key risks associated with the portfolio from multiple angles (eg. operations, HSE, technical) will be easily identifiable, allowing all stakeholders to focus on the key issues. Actions can be added to risks ensuring appropriate follow up.

Asset Information Model

The Sennen system currently features a configurable location hierarchy, with all assets being placed in this hierarchy (eg. =Windfarm=Turbine=Main Component).

We will shortly introduce an updated module to allow correct implementation of a full Asset Information Model. By default, the Sennen model will follow the reference designation system for power plants (RDS PP) but the framework is flexible enough to allow other similar reference
systems to be implemented.

This module will feature a new user interface to browse the structure and view all related information and support a coding system. Each location will store relevant information, such as equipment model, manufacturer, serial number and asset history. Many entities across the Sennen system already refer to an asset location (eg. Tasks, KPIs, Contracts, Events, SCADA signals); existing dashboards will be updated to support the improved hierarchy.

Engineer kneeling by transformers at a solar farm

Schedule of Work

This new module will allow teams to plan detailed schedules of recurring and ad-hoc actions and work orders over the short and long-term. It will provide instant views of the status of all works so that you can be sure the value of your assets is well preserved.

Work activity may be planned for individual or groups of sites, at equipment level or on every particular component. The schedules of work will be linked to Sennen’s notification system, automatically alerting users as work is completed, is due or falls overdue. Work will be linked back to the contract for works.

When the status of a task changes, the system can be configured to respond automatically – for example, by creating a restriction on a lift location when a safety inspection is overdue.

Examples of schedules of Work

  • Periodic service and inspection of various equipment and sensors
  • Debt reporting schedule under a loan facility
  • Environmental compliance obligations
  • Performance warranty and liquidated damage payments
  • Lease payments and security obligations
  • One-off campaigns of work such as blade inspections

Learning Management System

This module is primarily being designed to facilitate online inductions and assessments for technicians visiting individual sites. Different people in multiple roles will interact with this module, but the main two are:

  • LMS Administrator
  • LMS Participant

Anyone in the LMS Administrator role will be able to create and manage courses on the platform, defining their content (eg. video, image or PDF) and assessment criteria. It is expected that there will be minimal users in this role. The part of the system they will access is the LMS Course Admin section. LMS Participants will be anyone following an online course, viewing the content and taking the assessment. This will include the majority of site technicians.

This module will generate updated qualification status and a PDF certificate on completion of all steps.

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