Sennen Spotlights: Sennen Clients

6th November 2023

This month, Sennen is proud to highlight our exceptional clients who are shaping the renewable energy landscape. Join us as we showcase the achievements and innovations of London Array (now RWE), Foresight Group, NetroEnergy (previously Arevon), and EDF Renewables, all at the forefront of a sustainable future.

Week 1: London Array

Kicking off this month’s Spotlight on “Sennen Clients” is none other than Sennen’s first-ever customer: London Array. London Array is one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms, situated 20 kilometres off the Kent coast in the Outer Thames Estuary. Operational since 2012, it has 175 wind turbines and a peak power capacity of 630 megawatts (MW).

The project with Sennen was launched to address the challenges posed by its size and complexity. With more than 100 personnel from several key contractors, coordinating their work efficiently was crucial and a system was needed that could bring all contractor plans together into one place. London Array needed a tailored control system, and off-the-shelf software couldn’t meet their specific needs.

Sennen’s collaborative partnership approach is coupled with its high-performance technology. The system enables real-time tracking of personnel, weather conditions, turbine statuses, and more, accessible in the control room and on mobile devices. It also streamlines personnel qualification tracking, replacing manual tasks.

Sennen’s system improves performance and reduces the control room’s time spent answering enquiries from partner companies. Safety and planning are enhanced, and the system proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing for safe work continuity.

With Sennen we have a system that we can trust which is really important because we use that information to make critical checks. It makes reporting easier and, as a team, I feel like we’re just working better and it’s embedded in everything that we do.

Holly Dalligan, Engineering Analyst, London Array (RWE)

Sennen and London Array continue to work together on system improvements and new features, including custom dashboards and full remote access capabilities. The collaboration has greatly optimised London Array’s offshore wind farm operations.

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Week 2: Foresight Group

Mixed use infrastructure assets from the sky

This week, in our Client Spotlight, we are focusing on Foresight Group. Managing over £4.5 billion in assets, including more than 240 clean energy projects globally, Foresight Group required a more advanced system to improve asset performance monitoring, identify inefficiencies and automate portfolio management. They needed to transform data into actionable insights via an accessible platform for internal and external stakeholders.

Choosing the right partner was crucial, and Foresight selected Sennen for its technical expertise and industry knowledge. Sennen’s partnership approach has involved deep integration with Foresight’s operations to understand their specific needs.

The result of this collaboration is a sophisticated system that provides visibility, accessibility and transparency of Foresight’s data. This empowers the team to interpret information intuitively, make informed decisions and extract value from their assets.

Sennen has swiftly provided a critical missing piece in our data systems. The sector expertise and responsiveness of the Sennen team proved to be a game-changing combination.

Hamid Didebhan, Associate Director – Data Architect, Foresight Group

Sennen continues to work alongside Foresight to ensure the system is aligned with the company’s needs. The system’s flexibility and accessibility have equipped the team with the tools needed to leverage information effectively.

Week 3: Netro Energy

This week, our Sennen Spotlight focuses on Netro Energy – another one of our prominent asset management clients. Netro Energy, the asset management division of Capital Dynamics (formerly Arevon), specialises in clean energy infrastructure investments in the UK and Europe. In search of a reliable and centralised asset management solution, Netro Energy turned to Sennen.

Previously managing asset data in unreliable spreadsheets, Netro Energy sought to consolidate their data into a single, dependable source.

The results have been impressive, with Netro Energy experiencing significant growth while maintaining the same headcount. Sennen’s system provides them with accurate financial, operational, and contractual data, enabling better decision-making and scalability.

Sennen has provided us with reliable data, financial, operational and contractual information. And it’s provided us with a platform that can scale.

Paul Hughes, Finance & Operations Director, Netro Energy

As Capital Dynamics continues to expand, Netro Energy relies on Sennen to generate cost efficiencies and optimise its portfolio through smart technology. Its latest renewable energy fund raised €521 million for European solar projects. Having an efficient system for portfolio information is vital as the company grows. Additionally, Sennen facilitated the smooth disposal of one of Netro Energy’s funds, simplifying and adding transparency to the process.

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Week 4: EDF Renewables

Wrapping up this month’s Spotlight series on ‘Sennen Clients’ is one of Sennen’s most high-profile wins: EDF Renewables (EDFR). EDFR is a global renewable energy provider with offshore wind projects in Europe and has partnered with Sennen to enhance the operational efficiency and safety of its offshore wind sites. Sennen’s centralised software system manages the company’s international portfolio, streamlining operations across multiple sites, including France and the UK.

Sennen’s multi-site capability, developed with funding from the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership, optimises technician and vessel utilisation, enables real-time decision-making, and helps monitor wind farm performance. This partnership places EDF Renewables at the forefront of digital transformation in the renewable energy sector, with the aim of revolutionising operational systems in the industry.

We are happy to seal and develop this new partnership with Sennen. We are looking forward to exploring the functionalities of its software for our offshore wind farm global activity.

Pierre-Emmanuel Guillot, Director Asset Management and Operation Strategy, EDF Renewables

Under a five-year contract, Sennen will continue to develop its software, focusing on adding more sites from the EDFR portfolio and working with the team to optimise performance through data-driven optimisation.

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