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Netro Energy: adopting new technology to drive growth

Who is Netro Energy?

Netro Energy was established in 2018 (formerly Arevon) as the dedicated asset management division of Capital Dynamics (Cap Dyn) – a private asset management firm focused on clean energy infrastructure investments. Netro Energy provides commercial and technical asset management support to CapDyn’s clean energy platform in the UK and Europe.

A technological solution

Netro Energy previously gathered asset management data in spreadsheets and this was unreliable. There was no certainty that the data was correct and it was often captured in different formats, on other servers and there was often duplication. This led Netro Energy to seek a solution to centralise all of its data, enabling the whole team to quickly access accurate information.

We wanted to do this to gather all of our information in one place: one version of the truth.

Paul Hughes, Finance & Operations Director, Netro Energy

Why Sennen?

Sennen was selected for its combination of technical expertise and industry market knowledge within asset management for renewables. Netro Energy could see that Sennen was able to work with them to understand what they needed and adapt the system accordingly.

The result

The results speak for themselves, as described by Netro Energy’s Paul Hughes:

Over the last 12 months, we have grown significantly. We’ve almost doubled in size and we’ve not increased the headcount. That is testament to Sennen. Without Sennen, we would have had to employ additional asset managers to manage the portfolio.

Sennen has provided us with reliable data, financial, operational and contractual information. And it’s provided us with a platform that can scale.

We can now access the data using a bespoke centralised system, saving a lot of time, and we now have the confidence that the data is 100 percent reliable to ensure optimal decision-making.

Paul Hughes, Finance & Operations Director, Netro Energy

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Looking ahead

Capital Dynamics has ambitious growth plans, using Netro Energy to generate cost efficiencies and optimise its portfolio. In 2022, its latest renewable energy fund (Clean Energy Infrastructure IX) raised €521m from new and existing investors. This will be invested in solar projects across Europe.

Having a system in place that provides all the necessary portfolio information in a few clicks is invaluable as the company grows.
Netro has also recently used Sennen to support the disposal of one of its funds, which simplified the process and made it more transparent.

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