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Sennen is growing and changing daily, and we’re delighted to have you as part of our community. We hope our newsletter will become a source of valuable information about our commitment to delivering the energy transition to combat climate change and inspire more people like you to help limit environmental destruction. 

~ Gaby Amiel & Paul Grimshaw, Sennen Founders

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New Sennen module

New Sennen module

Sennen has expanded its product range with a new software solution for renewable energy market leaders! The new platform module will focus on Downtime Analysis, which provides deep insights into lost production resulting from turbine downtime. With Sennen, you can enrich, refine and enhance the raw data used to create datasets. Our intuitive user interface organises downtime events, allowing operators to investigate event stops for swift decision-making.

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New ESG regulations

New ESG regulations

A raft of new ESG regulations is being introduced for large organisations this month. Gaby Amiel, CEO of Sennen, explores the role of fund managers in creating meaningful change through their investment strategies.

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Business Top Tips

Upload your KPI data 

There are two ways to upload your KPI data into your portfolio using the Sennen system:

1. Single Edit 

Go to Assets > Data Management > “General KPI” column > Select specific cell > Add KPI data > Save.

2. Bulk Upload

Go to Assets > Bulk KPI Import > Select a template > Upload File > Click “Stage” > Check Warnings & Errors > Once satisfied select “Import Staged Data” to overwrite and upload.

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Watch Kathleen’s simple step-by-step recording


Customise your Marine Map

Customise your Marine Map for a more tailored marine control experience. By simply navigating to your Marine Map Layers, you can filter, add and request bespoke information, such as SCADA data, to optimise your Live Mode display. 

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Watch Stuart Pringle’s overview of Sennen’s Marine Map functionality!

Business Top Tips
Gaby's Roundup
The Sennen Roundup

In this round, Gaby, our CEO, explores “What really lies behind the ‘cost of living crisis'”

Seismic changes are disrupting energy markets in 2022. The media and politicians have declared a “cost of living crisis”. I dislike this term as it seems intentional to disguise the true nature of the issue. It would be more honest and more helpful to talk about ‘the energy deficit’.

It’s not just domestic energy consumers feeling the impact. With gas prices 10 times higher in Europe than in the US, our industrial base will be wiped out if energy prices remain at current levels.

Did you know?

The last couple of decades has proven significant in the development of the size and capacity of wind farms.  From a starting point of limited design and lack of popularity, wind turbines have now evolved in every regard, as they continue to grow and take advantage of the available wind resource.

From being as tall as the length of a blue whale to now almost as high as The Shard … the Offshore Wind Industry is on an incredible path toward success. Sennen is proud to be working in this sector as the go-to technology provider for renewable energy operators who are serious about safety, automation and efficiency at scale.

Looking ahead . . .


Discover our upcoming events for a chance to connect and see first hand what Sennen is all about


September . 20 . 2022

ESG Hype vs Reality

Register for Sennen’s upcoming webinar: “ESG Hype vs Reality. What are the approaches being taken by infrastructure funds right now and what are the opportunities for the future?”


September . 29 . 2022

SuperReturn Global Infrastructure

Meet our CEO, Gaby Amiel, at this year’s leading private infrastructure investment event, SuperReturn Global Infrastructure.

Gaby will attend as a guest speaker as part of the “ESG” panel discussion on Thursday the 29th of September at 10:20 AM (BST).


September . 27-30 . 2022

WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

We are excited to announce that Sennen will be taking part in this year’s WindEnergy Hamburg event; the biggest and most important gathering of the wind industry.

Fun with Sennen

It shouldn’t all be just “work, work, work”, so earlier this summer the Sennen team had some fun on the river Wye. A great opportunity for our amazing team to enjoy some canoeing, swimming and most importantly, team building! Lasting memories were made, and it is also safe to say that there were only a ‘couple’ of mishaps in the canoes!

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