Sennen expands its software platform with new downtime analysis module

8th July 2022

Sennen’s new Downtime Analysis module is designed to give deep insights into lost production, specifically around the origins and causes of wind turbine downtime.  Sennen continues to grow its performance software solutions for renewable energy providers with this latest tool that was originally developed as a bespoke solution for a major European utility company across its global renewables portfolio.  It enables users to quickly and accurately understand losses flowing from individual defects, site incidents or other operational issues. Sennen built the new module following a grant awarded by the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP). 

Unlike other downtime analysis tools that are solely reliant on algorithms and multi-system cross-references, Sennen leverages the power of user knowledge to enrich, refine and enhance the raw data used to create datasets. This data can be analysed from many aspects and is fed back to the user, who can quickly understand losses caused by any site incidents and other operational problems. 

Scaleable Solution

The dashboard view shows users’ events by list or timeline, following a clear colour-coded categorisation.  Also, users can take advantage of the filter functionality to view events based on specific attributes, as well as edit, merge and split events.  In case of errors, user interactions are fully reversible.

The Downtime Analysis tool saves time, enables swift decision-making and cuts unnecessary production losses resulting from component failure or maintenance shutdown.  It is an innovation which demonstrates Sennen’s commitment to developing powerful software solutions that allow the largest renewable energy operators in the world to increase safety and efficiency through digitisation. 

We have developed a module which goes far beyond what is currently available on the market, allowing operators to take a deep dive into lost production data. 

The ability to enrich the data means operators can draw on the knowledge of the whole team to really understand the causes of downtime, and it can do this quickly and at high volume so it’s an ideal scalable solution.

Our technology interfaces seamlessly with operators’ existing cloud data platforms which gives them much greater control over their data compared to traditional databases.

Gaby Amiel, Sennen CEO

We are delighted to see Sennen go from strength to strength. The development of this Downtime Analysis module is just another example of how Sennen is disrupting the market with game-changing software solutions that can improve offshore wind operations on a global scale.

Claire Canning, OWGP Grant Funding Programme Manager

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