Sennen wins funding to develop lost production technology

11th November 2020

Sennen has secured grant funding to develop a new software feature that will help wind farm operators minimise lost revenue caused by wind turbine down time. The Lost Production module will give insights into sources and causes of wind farm lost production.

The new feature will enable users to quickly and accurately understand losses flowing from individual defects, site incidents or other operational issues.

Paul Grimshaw, chief technology officer and Sennen co-founder, said:

“By simplifying analysis of complex SCADA data, Sennen’s lost production module will make it easier to reduce losses and increase production.

“We are developing an intuitive interface that will allow staff across all teams to delve into relationships between operations and maintenance (O&M), site conditions and lost production. They will be able to quickly and easily generate appropriate metrics that can be used to improve efficiency and drive down costs in the long-term.”

Lost production assessments are currently completed long after the event without access to detailed records of site status and activity. The calculations are used to assess contractual damages and bonus payments but do not provide a basis for improving O&M.

Sennen proposes to radically change how lost production metrics are generated and used. First, Sennen will incorporate analysis of downtime into the routine marine control process. This links downtime directly to operations processes, such as fault repairs, annual services, crew transfers. Also by making the metrics available in real-time, Sennen can provide live interactive dashboards for the whole operations team.

Paul added:

“Our new feature will give users the ability to view key data holistically and over long periods of time. It will enable more sophisticated analysis and computational modelling to predict more accurately downtime risks, and shape more efficient O&M strategies.”

The Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) awarded the grant to Sennen as part of a programme, which aims to promote closer collaboration across the supply chain and implement methods of improving productivity in the sector.

Sennen’s Lost Production module will integrate into users’ existing software and is expected to launch in 2021.

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