Sennen at Offshore Wind Conference 2023

A global spotlight on offshore wind


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Scottish Renewables’ event was a great opportunity to meet experts from across the industry, supply chain and stakeholders and review the state of our offshore wind ambitions. It was a great pleasure to meet everyone who said hello to our delegates, Mike Young and Rafael Dawid.

Key event details:


25 – 26 January 2023


Glasgow, Scotland


SEC, Exhibition Way, Glasgow, G3 8YW

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Delivering offshore wind goals with maximum positive economic and environmental impact

Bringing together a diverse set of voices, and on exploring the big challenges facing our growing offshore sector.


+400 Attendees


25 Speakers

Meet our Delegates


Representing Sennen at Offshore Wind Conference 2023


Mike Young

Senior Consultant – Offshore Wind

Mike has over 17 years of operational and asset management experience across multiple renewable technologies from Offshore & Onshore Wind to Solar & Battery Storage.


Rafael Dawid (PhD, CEng)

Offshore Development Lead

Rafael is an expert in using data-led decision making in renewables operations and maintenance. As a keen coder, Rafael has experience in both front and back-end development.


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