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Offshore Wind


A closer look at the Scotwind auction results

Here at Sennen we have been watching the recent Scotwind results with much interest. Like many in the industry, we were fascinated by the results posted by Crown Estate Scotland.


The evolution of wind turbines

The last couple of decades has proven significant in the development of the size and capacity of wind farms, turning wind power into an established energy source.


Distribution of offshore wind farms around the globe

Animated 2022 world map showing a full overview of +1000 wind farms by development status and country.


Offshore Wind Auction CfD Price Trends

Animated map outlining the significant reduction in the cost of offshore wind around the world from 2005 to 2022.


The history of offshore windpower

An overview of wind power illustrated by a race among countries around the world to join the offshore wind sector from 1991-2022.


Sennen in Numbers

Overview of key Sennen data, covering total megawatts contracted for offshore and onshore wind, as well as various other exciting figures.


Where is Sennen?

A comprehensive visual overview of Sennen’s extensive global impact in the realm of green technology.


Where is Sennen so far in 2024?

Explore the latest snapshot of Sennen’s far-reaching influence in the field of green technology for 2024 with our updated and comprehensive visual overview.

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