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After the great success of presenting at TECH 4.0’s Offshore Energy Tech 2022, Sennen returned in 2023 to continue the conversation on technology innovations and development. In this round, Sennen focused on ‘The Super Control Room’, where our industry experts discussed the advantages of centralised control for multiple wind farms.

Key event details:

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The Super Control Room

In a rapidly expanding wind industry, our panel of industry experts delve into the advantages of centralised control for multiple wind farms. Leading the discussion as MC is our CEO, Gaby Amiel, alongside him is our “software guy”; Paul Grimshaw, and our “turbine guy”; Mike Young.


What functions should a Super Control Room undertake and why?

What benefits can a Super Control Room bring to operators?

How can technology facilitate a Super Control Room?

Meet Our Expert Panel!


Representing Sennen at Offshore Energy Tech 4.0 2023


Gaby Amiel (MC)

Co-Founder and CEO

With over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Gaby has a deep insight into how technology can truly transform the renewable energy sector.


Mike Young (Turbine Guy)

Senior Consultant – Offshore Wind

Mike has over 17 years of operational and asset management experience across multiple renewable technologies from Offshore & Onshore Wind to Solar & Battery Storage.


Paul Grimshaw (Software Guy)

Co-Founder and CTO

Having spent 15 years working with renewable energy systems Paul understands the challenges of working with different types of data and systems in the sector and is adept at advising clients as they seek to enhance their digital strategy. 

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