Sennen at WFO Global Summit 2024

A comprehensive overview of the latest developments in bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind


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This summit offers a thorough exploration of the latest developments in the offshore wind sector, with a particular focus on emerging topics like offshore wind to hydrogen. Engage with the global offshore wind community and gain insights into the industry’s cutting-edge trends in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and America through presentations by esteemed experts from around the world. Join us and meet our delegate, as we navigate the evolving landscape of offshore wind and delve into key discussions shaping its future.

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Learn more about Sennen and our mission and how we strive to become the go-to technology provider for renewable energy operators who are serious about safety, automation and efficiency at scale.


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Receive a live demo including a full walkthrough with one of our team members, as well as have the opportunity to discuss how we can tailor our product to your individual needs.


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Get a free pack of Sennen’s Special Edition Offshore Wind Farms Trump Cards.  The deck includes 40 unique game cards and a handy rule guide for playing the famous “Trump” game we all adore and grew up with!

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Meet Our Delegate

Representing Sennen at WFO Global Summit 2024!

Rita Desmyter, Head of Sales

Rita has over 15 years of experience building and implementing strategies, managing complex projects, developing partnerships, commercialising products, and delivering clients’ needs.

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