Permit to Work

Simplifying and streamlining the permitting process of higher-risk tasks, for the safety of your team.

A module designed for higher-risk activities

Enhanced framework for a safer working environment

Sennen’s ‘Permit to Work’ module adds an extra layer of protection by creating a more auditable record, offering you the means to unite all of your safety rules into a single platform that ultimately allows you to manage and record WTSR and Permits to Work together.



No more paper based permits managed via a wall of lockers


Easily validate your team members’ qualifications for the specific jobs they are assigned.


Stay in control by overseeing all permissions for high-risk activities.


Have a real-time live overview of your team’s permit stages.



SCADA Integration

Integrate SCADA data to automate permit checkpoints, confirming key stages of work have been completed.


Automated Clearance

Automate release of keys from locker systems to relevant, qualified and approved individuals.


Data Integration

Use data integration to block permit progression and warn technicians when weather conditions deteriorate.


Permit Overview

Obtain an overview of all permit statuses allowing you to control multiple permits in multiple locations.

‘Set to Work’ vs ‘Permit to Work’

Comparing Sennen Modules



Sennen’s Set to Work module relieves offshore wind farm management teams of costly and time-consuming administration by digitising and optimising your O&M workflow, such as shift management and productivity reporting.


It has been developed to solve the day-to-day challenges of running and maintaining offshore wind farms in line with the WTSR.

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Permit to Work looks at simplifying the process, whilst ensuring the permit requirements are still met. Thus maintaining the continued safety of your workers and efficiency of their work for the wider offshore wind farm operations and overall performance.


Developed to ensure your wind farm operations qualify for both general safety requirements and higher risk activities.

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Tailored and integrated

Our approach is to work closely with you to understand your needs.

Discover how Permit to Work can be tailored to your business requirements.

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Expert quote
“An important part of our role as suppliers to the sector is to challenge the status quo and examine how things can be done smarter. We know that technology, when it’s crafted for a specific purpose, has the capacity to completely transform how things are done. Technology is one of the many tools needed to do a job well, and there is a real opportunity for it to improve the industry’s safety record.”

Paul Grimshaw, CTO at Sennen