Real-time visibility over OWF metocean conditions for all project personnel.

Forecast and plan

Sennen’s OWF Metocean module offers visual, real-time access to meteorology and oceanography forecasts and actual readings, so you can make accurate judgements on future working conditions.



Integrated data from forecast providers as well as on-site measurements (wave buoys or radar) to inform you about accessibility of each location based on vessel characteristics


Live and forecast metocean conditions visualised in different formats with customisable dashboards covering wave height, fog risk and lightning


Highlights inaccuracies in forecasting


Automated prediction of safe working windows from metocean data

Tailored and integrated

Sennen integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. Our approach is to work closely with you to understand your needs.

Discover how our Metocean module can be tailored to your business requirements.

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“Having all the weather data in one place for planning means we don’t need to use separate systems. Our contractors have access to the same information, which causes less confusion and provides more consistency.”

Andrew Parsons – Marine Coordinator, London Array