Sennen team swaps coding for cleaning at volunteer day

20th March 2023

Members of the Sennen team donned wellies and waterproofs last week for a day of volunteering with Ghost Fishing UK.

As Sennen’s chosen charity, the company is supporting Ghost Fishing UK with various fundraising activities and hands-on help.

The charity’s purpose is to protect marine life by removing lethal entanglement hazards, such as fishing nets, found in the ocean. Once removed, the objects need to be sorted and cleaned, ready to be recycled where possible – which is where the Sennen team came in.

The work carried out by the team is an essential but often unseen part in the long road from recovery to recycling of these lost and discarded materials into new sustainable products.

Fred Nunn, Operations Officer, Ghost Fishing UK

The team travelled to the charity’s base in Shepton Mallet where they learnt the ins and outs of how to repurpose and recycle this ‘lost’ equipment. The team quickly got to work, rotating between different tasks, including sorting and cutting the nets and ropes into matching recyclable materials, as well as washing them down with the pressure washer (a personal favourite of our CTO, Paul Grimshaw).

It was a great bonding experience for the team members who were able to join us for our volunteering day.  Knowing that our work was a vital part of the process to help protect the marine life around our shores made it even more rewarding.

Paul Grimshaw, Co-Founder & CTO, Sennen

I enjoyed a great sense of satisfaction as we cleaned up the abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear ready for recycling to become something else in their next life, such as plant pots, jewellery or even clothes pegs.

James Palmer, Head of Marketing and Communications, Sennen

It was a great day on Friday – we were joined by not only a handful of Ghost Fishing UK team members but also a solid turnout from Keep Britain Tidy, Sennen and the Ocean Recovery Project. I’m excited to have all of these groups supporting the work that we do, as the more diverse our network, the more impact we’ll be able to have.

Rich Walker, PhD, FRGS, Chairman Ghost Fishing UK

The Sennen team is looking forward to making this an annual event and we hope that our ongoing support will continue to make a difference to Ghost Fishing UK’s brilliant work.  

To donate to this worthwhile cause, go to Ghost Fishing UK.

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