Sennen Spotlights: LMS

1st May 2024

Welcome to our May Spotlight and this month we’ll be showing you how our system can help renewable energy operators streamline site inductions and other training courses.

Spotlight 1: The problem we help solve

When staff and contractors are working on a wind or solar farm, there needs to be a system in place to ensure everyone has the right qualifications and that site inductions have been completed successfully. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a module that enables our clients to create and then run these courses through the Sennen system rather than using third party software. This removes the administration burden, such as manual sign-offs and downloading or printing certificates. Everything is managed within our system, resulting in one, reliable source of information. No more logging into multiple places and customers have more control over their training processes.

Spotlight 2: Benefits

Spotlight 3: Features

Spotlight 4: LMS in action

Watch a short video demonstrating how to quickly build a course as an administrator.

Watch a short video demonstrating how to navigate and take a course as a user within the system.

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