Sennen Spotlights: Asset Portfolio Management

8th March 2024

Spotlight 1: Bulk Uploader

We want to make the process of adding data to the Sennen system even easier, with an initial focus on contracts data. Users would be able to complete a template for contracts data offline and seamlessly upload it to Sennen. It would also allow users to perform bulk uploads based on specific contract types.

This would greatly simplify data management. It would also extend to offline data extraction, enabling users to work offline and upload the data to Sennen at a later point, which adds a layer of flexibility.

There are many potential further use cases for this upgrade. Looking ahead, we plan to extend this to events and cases information in the future, among other areas of the platform.

Spotlight 2: Ownership History

Spotlight 3: Downtime Events

This upgrade will provide new functionality for users to create events directly on device timelines, this will facilitate deeper insights into lost production resulting from turbine or solar downtime.

Brooke Billing, Technical Product Support Specialist, Sennen part of Kraken

Spotlight 4: The Home Page

At Sennen, we pride ourselves on our easy-to-use and intuitive interface and we’re always looking at ways to improve the user experience. This update would infuse the landing page with key information and engaging graphics. It would also give quick access to vital information so it is readily available at a glance. The landing page would also serve as a dynamic display screen, suitable for presentations to senior colleagues and stakeholders so that our system can facilitate more effective communication.

Gaby Amiel, Co-Founder, Sennen part of Kraken

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