Sennen signs up to new regional Good Employment scheme

7th July 2022

Sennen has signed up to a new charter, launched in the West of England, that helps companies provide a more rewarding, inclusive and sustainable working environment.

The West of England Good Employment Charter is a voluntary scheme that helps companies become ‘employers of choice’, supporting them to set good working practices across seven categories.

Sennen is now an official ‘supporter’ of the scheme which means it has committed to making improvements across at least one of the seven key areas.

These are: secure work, flexible work, real living wage, engagement and voice, recruitment, developing people and health & wellbeing. 

This is a great initiative which we are proud to be part of. We want our team to feel supported and for individuals to thrive. It’s important that they feel invested in the company. It’s an approach that encourages loyalty, improves staff retention and supports wellbeing and productivity.

We’re providing secure working conditions through fair and equal pay, regular pay cheques, and zero-hour contracts only when mutually agreed. We have a flexible working policy in place that covers place of work, hours of work and working pattern. We always pay at least Real Living Wage to all employees and contractors.

The charter will provide a useful framework and practical support to help us develop our commitments further.

Gaby Amiel, Sennen CEO

The Good Employment Charter is a West of England Combined Authority initiative. Its aim is to improve the employment standard in the region by encouraging organisations of any size, and within any sector, to sign up to the charter. 

Alongside this work, Sennen has also signed up to FuturePlus to monitor and improve its own ESG metrics as a business. The programme measures sustainability using five themes: climate, diversity & inclusion, social, economic and environment and provides a roadmap to help businesses achieve sustainable growth.

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