Sennen reels in new charity partner

8th November 2022

Tackling environmental destruction is core to Sennen’s mission so the team is excited to have chosen a new charity partner which helps to protect marine life by removing abandoned fishing gear from UK waters.

Ghost Fishing UK was established in 2015 and is dedicated to removing abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear, known as Ghost Gear, which are a lethal hazard to marine life, including whales, seals and birds.

Sennen has kick-started its charitable support with a donation of £750 raised at trade events in recent months. Visitors to Sennen’s stand were offered the chance to play a game developed by the company based on its own shift planner module, which enables offshore wind farm operators to build optimal shift plans. Whoever managed to equal or beat the CTO’s score would count as a donation of £50 to the charity, paid on the player’s behalf.

Why Ghost Fishing UK?

The charity is an ideal match for Sennen as both organisations are working for a greater environmental cause. Choosing a charity based in the South West was also important so that the team could get involved and see the effects of their efforts. 

We involved the entire team in the decision-making process with each member nominating their favourite charity. Once all submissions were made, Sennen proposed the most compatible and community-focused suggestions for a final vote. A business-wide vote resulted in Ghost Fishing UK as the charity of choice.

This charity is doing brilliant things in the face of the very complex task of removing marine debris from UK waters and we’re pleased to be playing a small part in that. As a purpose-driven business with a team of people who are passionate about preserving the environment, this feels like the perfect match and we’re looking forward to getting stuck in to help with this important work.”

Gaby Amiel, CEO at Sennen

What’s ahead

In the coming months, Sennen is hoping to be able to head to the charity’s base in Shepton Mallet for a day’s volunteering to clean fishing nets that have been salvaged, getting them ready for repurposing. 

Alexandra Allen, head of operations at Sennen, said: “Before I joined Sennen, I worked for many years in the voluntary sector for a practical ‘doing’ charity so it’s great to reconnect with that world again. A lot of our time at Sennen is spent on improving digital systems to bring environmental benefits so it’s nice to be able to get hands-on with these efforts too. I’m looking forward to pulling my wellies on and making a tangible difference.”

We’re excited to have Sennen’s support this year. We’re always pleased to receive financial support as well as hands-on practical help, and we’re looking forward to working with the team to do even more to clean up marine environments.

Fred Nunn, Operations Officer at Ghost Fishing UK

To donate to this worthwhile cause, go to Ghost Fishing UK.

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