Sennen ensures software resilience with NCC Group.

12th October 2020

Users of Sennen’s software can have confidence in the resilience of their data systems with a tailored continuity solution that consists of a software escrow agreement and verification testing carried out by NCC Group.

Sennen provides powerful and effective data systems that enable simpler and safer renewable energy operations. The company works with leading offshore wind farm operators, including London Array, and clean energy infrastructure investors.

As a provider of business-critical software, Sennen recognises that customers need secure, reliable digital ecosystems and has worked with experts NCC Group to ensure that its software can remain effective and efficient in the event of business disruption.

It is estimated that one day of downtime for a 500MW wind farm equates to a loss of around £360,000[1], so having robust processes and tools is critical. Sennen now offers greater levels of resilience meaning customers will have access to their data and can resume activities rapidly in the face of unforeseen disruption.

Paul Grimshaw, co-founder and chief technology officer at Sennen, says: “Our unique software platform is continually developed and tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients, including some of the world’s largest offshore wind farms. It has, and continues to transform how our clients operate so we need to ensure they feel confident that in the case of any disruption, the application can still be maintained and will remain effective and efficient”.  

“Working with NCC Group is really powerful.  It means customers can have confidence in us as a trusted technology partner.”

A software escrow agreement is now firmly in place; a simple arrangement with mutually agreed terms between Sennen, Sennen’s clients and NCC Group that ensures availability of the software for the customer at all times. NCC Group offers protection by safely depositing copies of the application source code or data in its secure vaults, which the customer can then access if needed.

Sennen wanted to take the process a step further and underwent an Independent Build Verification process to test the quality of the source code.

For the purpose of this exercise, NCC Group acted as the independent party and worked with Sennen’s software development team to recreate the development environment and work with the deposited source code to rebuild the software application at a secure test laboratory. 

The Independent Build Verification provides assurance to Sennen’s clients that the build can be completed in an independent secure location by a third party. It was fully tested by one of Sennen’s clients at their site, meaning the process was sufficiently documented to enable an alternative third party to rebuild the application. 


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