New system upgrades at Sennen

16th January 2024

Latest changes will bring new features to all our products: offshore wind, asset portfolio management and downtime analysis.

We are excited to announce the latest upgrades to our offshore wind, asset portfolio management, and downtime analysis systems, furthering our commitment to delivering high-performance digital solutions for the renewable energy sector. These enhancements are designed to streamline operations, boost user efficiency, and provide an unparalleled user experience across our platforms. Here we outline what the system upgrades mean for each of the individual software solutions:

Offshore wind: shift review upgrade

Shift review is an integral component of the Sennen Set to Work module, and this upgrade brings exciting features for marine coordinators and supervisors, including the following: 

1. Shift review dashboard:

Experience a revamped, colour-coded interface for seamless shift management. The timeline view enables easy task selection and filtering, providing a visual representation of planned tasks by location over time.

2. Warnings in shift review:

Task details are displayed by team, featuring crucial information like SIMOPs flags, location, task description, warnings, and status. Our three-tiered warning system enhances issue management and contributes to a streamlined review process. 

3. Transport timeline view:

Get a comprehensive overview of all planned transport movements with a key for event types, offering flexibility and clarity.

These upgrades are geared towards improving user efficiency, ensuring nuanced issue management, and enhancing flexibility in handling transport-related tasks with the primary aim of making it easier to solve the day-to-day challenges of running and maintaining offshore wind farms.

Asset portfolio management: contracts upgrade

Sennen’s contract management module has undergone a significant upgrade, introducing enhanced contract functionalities and an updated dashboard for an improved user experience and to make it easier to keep on top of your commercial contracts. The key features include:

1. Contracts dashboard update:

Merge contracts, milestones, and timelines into a cohesive tabbed dashboard with new views, including an overview and a project view. The filter panel provides unprecedented control over focus areas.

2. Contract renewal auto-population:

Simplify contract renewal with seamless auto-population of essential details from expired contracts to new entries.

3. Highlighting missing/draft contracts:

Streamline the identification and completion of missing or draft contracts with colour-coded flags.

These enhancements aim to simplify contract renewal, enhance visibility, and offer a user-friendly, comprehensive solution for contract management.

Downtime analysis: solar inverters upgrade

The solar inverters upgrade introduces adaptations to the Sennen downtime reclassification tool, specifically catering to solar inverters. Key functionalities and benefits include:

1. User-friendly, colour-coded dashboards:

Improve overall user efficiency in managing shifts, reviewing tasks, and viewing blockers.

2. Batch event reclassification functionality:

Save time by reclassifying multiple events simultaneously, streamlining workflow.

3. Filter events on specific attributes:

Customise data analysis by filtering events, focusing on relevant information tailored to specific needs.

4. Revert interactions via event history:

Maintain control with easy event history tracking, enabling quick reversion to previous states for accurate data management.

Our latest product updates show our unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for offshore wind farms and for the management of portfolios of renewable assets. These upgrades empower users with advanced features, enhance overall efficiency, and deliver a more intuitive and comprehensive experience. 

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