Sennen to expand its infrastructure data platform with new module for investment teams

23rd March 2021

Sennen has announced the technical build of its new Project Acquisition module to expand and complement its infrastructure management platform. The new module is a CRM system specifically designed for energy/infrastructure investment teams.  

In today’s competitive investment landscape, it is important to work smart. The competition for energy assets is intense. Investors who can examine the most deals and use data to drive their investment strategy have the clear advantage. 

 Paul Grimshaw, Sennen CTO and co-founder said: 

“The Project Acquisition module is designed to handle the nuances of multiple complex transactions with participation of multiple funds on leveraged and unleveraged deals. Simplifying and speeding-up all stages from deal sourcing, binding offers, due diligence, and execution.  

It’s easy to see if deployment targets will be met and to generate insights into market trends. What’s more, you can set milestones and create user-alerts so that every opportunity is driven proactively, using best practice.  

Finally, the Project Acquisition module will link seamlessly to the operations system to give immediate, hassle-free onboarding. No need to wait for the legal bible, your asset managers will hit the ground running. “

The new module will be fully customisable and available later this year as part of Sennen’s wider, infrastructure portfolio management system.  

Get in touch here to request a product data sheet to find out more.  

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