Rebus Evo

A customisable software system for wind farm asset management, delivering safer and more efficient operations.

Rebus Evo is a white labelled version of Sennen’s proprietary wind farm management software. It features bespoke customisation and is deployed exclusively to London Array.

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Sennen offers a centralised system for work optimisation, marine control, performance monitoring and asset integrity management for offshore wind farms.

London Array‘s Rebus Evo has the following functionality of the Sennen asset management platform:

Visibility of offshore activity

Visibility of offshore activity

Live site conditions, including weather and wave height

Marine map to monitor traffic and exclusion zones

Turbine operation and power generation updates

Operations management

Operations management

Task prioritisation, selection and management

Shift planning

Live manifest for easy fleet control

WTSR safety management

Real-time SCADA

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Asset performance and KPI reporting

HSE incident tracking and reporting

Personnel qualification and certification compliance

Commercial and technical risk assessment for tracking and mitigation

Rebus Evo is a prime example of how the Sennen software system can be customised to your specific business requirements.

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