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A complete system for clean energy portfolios.

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We’ve created a product that has been shaped and developed by industry professionals who have first hand experience of the renewables sector and the challenges asset managers face. We know what information is needed to empower businesses and we’ve created a system that gives razor sharp insights into how assets are performing so you can be in complete control.

One platform, all of your data, no problems

A single centralised source of relevant data, visible and trusted by everyone.

  • Getting started is quick
    We will on-board your sites to our intuitive platform. We work directly from the data-room and carefully create a structured database of plant details, performance history, revenues, commercial terms and key milestones across all projects.
  • See the whole picture
    Gone are the days of having to look across multiple sources to see all the relevant data types. Sennen will power asset and portfolio management,  ESG, HSE, deal flow and stakeholder relations.
  • Customisable
    Complex energy portfolios require agile solutions. We spent years in industry and know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We offer a customisable solution tailored to your requirements.
  • Be in control
    There’s no need to ever chase to see if information is up to date. With Sennen, asset managers have their responsibilities defined and individual tasks set. Have visibility on data completeness and notify users when priority data is missing.
  • Communicate at speed
    Eliminate time consuming information requests. Sennen enables data to be validated and centrally held so it can be queried by anyone with the required permissions.
  • Do it your way
    With Sennen, renewable energy asset management is no longer a cumbersome task. Use our library of dashboards to display your data or connect Sennen directly with your preferred analytics/reporting tools.

Supporting efficiency in industry leading companies worldwide

London Array is ship shape with Sennen

The sheer size and make-up of the London Array wind farm brings significant challenges. They work with a large number of contractors and managing the relationships effectively and safely is mission critical.

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Delivering a sophisticated portfolio system for Foresight

Sennen is working closely with Foresight to create a system that gives valuable insights on the performance of the company’s renewable energy and clean infrastructure investments.

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Fulfilling ambitious plans for Blackfinch

Blackfinch engaged with Sennen because their renewable energy business is rapidly growing its portfolio and with that growth comes a substantial accumulation in volume of data.

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