Case study

Fulfilling ambitious plans for Blackfinch

Who are Blackfinch?

With a heritage dating back over 25 years, Blackfinch is an investment specialist supporting both advisers and clients. Blackfinch is focused on delivering value through expertise and a high-quality service with a transparent approach and are trusted with over £350 million under management and administration.

Providing a pathway for rapid growth

While the Blackfinch data was already securely within the cloud, it was stored across disparate systems. Under the incumbent infrastructure, multiple look-ups would have been required to check a dozen project companies, each of whom may have had a dozen different commercial contracts. 

As Blackfinch had expanded, it had become a challenge to maintain the accuracy of the data across the portfolio and make it available to many people simultaneously. 

The Blackfinch team could see benefits from aggregating the data within one cloud based platform. A single source of truth that could be used as a reference point for both milestone data within contracts and key information relating to the generational and financial performance of the assets.

“Not enough just to know data is in a central place and backed up – we have to use the data to provide insights to help improve the technical performance of these assets.”

Guy Lavarack, Investment Director at Blackfinch

Why Sennen?

Blackfinch selected Sennen as the stand-out choice. Sennen is the only provider who has both technical expertise and industry market knowledge within renewable asset management. 

Blackfinch have an entrepreneurial culture and sought to work with a similarly orientated business. A partner who works in an agile way to deliver the functionality Blackfish requires.

The result

With Sennen, Blackfinch can now access the information of all the key project milestones. A key benefit has been in saved time; the team now has the ability to see the whole portfolio across multiple asset types, asset managers and technologies.

Not only did Sennen achieve the goal of a single centralised storage solution but more than that, by using the Sennen system, Blackfinch has been able to interpret and make use of the data more efficiently.

“As a team, we have a monthly check in to review asset performance. Through Sennen we are able to run reports at the click of a button”

Guy Lavarack, Investment Director at Blackfinch

Having this rich picture of the assets in detail at their fingertips has given Blackfinch the ability to optimise the portfolio.

Looking ahead

For Blackfinch, choosing the right partner has enabled the leadership to focus less on the technology itself and more on adoption across the teams. Sennen has supported that process throughout. Within a few months, Sennen has become the default reporting tool.

The next step is to interrogate the data further and create yet more performance gains to the benefit of both Blackfinch and its stakeholders. The asset managers now have the tools to spot the gaps and find those incremental performance gains across the portfolio.

Blackfinch now has the technology that can cope with a rapidly scaling portfolio.  The data set is becoming richer and the portfolio more complex. With each passing day, the business case for using Sennen becomes stronger.

“The team at Sennen have both the skills to build software but also the understanding of the commercial and technical challenges that we face. That means we can always pick up the phone and have pragmatic commercial conversations which gives us confidence in the partnership. That confidence goes a long way.”

Guy Lavarack, Investment Director at Blackfinch